Buyer Advantage Program

We offer traditional full service buyer agency representation…

  • Unlimited phone, email consultations
  • Unlimited showings
  • Unlimited MLS searches
  • Offer price analysis
  • Contract negotiation
  • Home inspection assistance
  • Contract timeline/risk management
  • Access to a vetted list of allied professionals—settlement services, attorneys, contractors, radon
    mitigation experts, lenders, etc.

…PLUS, we offer two substantial “Cash Back” savings opportunities

  1. Find your property with a list price of $450,000 or more within our first two home tour outings, and you can receive up to 1.5% cash back!
  2. Find your property within our first four home tours outings, you can receive up to 1% back.

How does it work?

Example #1: On your second outing, you decide to make an offer to purchase 123 Main St for $600,000.  You win the contract!  Everything proceeds smoothly to settlement.  Per the listing in MLS, the seller offered buyer’s agent a standard 3% commission.  Upon closing you will receive a 1.5% cash back credit in the amount of $9,000 from Versant Realty.

Example #2: Same scenario as #1, you purchase 123 Main St for $600,000 but this time the seller only offers buyer agents a 2.5% commission.  In this instance, the cash back you would receive at settlement would then be 1% of the purchase price or $6,000.

Example #3: You put the contract on 123 Main St, but the home inspection reveals a major structural issue in the property and you exercise your contingency and void the contract.  You resume your search and a week later you find four additional homes you think might work.  We go out to see them together (the 3rd outing), and you decide to make an offer on 321 Church St for $620,000. The seller offers a 3% buyer’s agent commission.  You win the contract and everything proceeds smoothly this time to settlement, at which time you receive at 1% cash back credit in the amount of $6,200 from Versant Realty.

Exclusion:  Because of the incredibly low listing commissions we offer our sellers, “cash back” savings opportunities are not available on Versant Realty listings.


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