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Get to Know Us

"Hi, I’m Ken Sypal, Principal Broker and Owner of Versant Realty. I have been actively involved in the Washington DC-area real estate market as an agent, broker, and investor for over 18 years. Seeing the industry from the inside it is obvious to me that home buyers and sellers often don’t get their money’s worth from the traditional real estate firms, so I created Versant Realty to provide my clients with a better value.


When compared to big name agencies, Versant Realty offers a number of advantages focused on how homes are bought and sold in today’s market. In the high price DC-metro area, traditional 6% commissions are outdated and, frankly, cost you too much. In addition, we know the internet and websites like Zillow and has transformed the role of an agent, with most buyers doing much of the initial searching independently, and most sellers are already aware of what homes are going for in their neighborhood. Today it’s through contract negotiation, marketing, staging, experience & support through the tricky aspects of buying and selling where Realtors ensure that their clients have a successful real estate transaction.


So, the choice is simple. Go with an agent with years of local experience who provides the service you need all the way through the sale or purchase of your home and does this with commissions that save you thousands of dollars in the process.


Thank you for letting me introduce myself and Versant Realty."

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