5 Ways to Maximize your Home Sale

1. Stage your home

How we decorate our homes for living is not the same as how we decorate it to sell.  Staging is decorating done specifically to sell a home, emphasizing positives and deemphasizing negatives.  Well staged homes sells quicker and for more money.

2. Price it right

Everyone knows the consequence of under pricing their home, but many do not realize over pricing can be equally detrimental.  Properly priced homes sell quickly, often attract multiple offers, and provide leverage to negotiate the best sale price.

3. Make cost-effective updates

Making targeted updates can be a very effective tactic for getting a home sold quickly and for top dollar.  However, the wrong updates or over paying for them is tantamount to throwing money in the garbage.

4. Negotiate effectively

Saying the wrong thing in a negotiation can easily cost a homeowner $10,000-25,000, just as asking the right question can do the opposite.  The good agent can tip the scales to a homeowner’s advantage, while a poor one can cost thousands.

5. Don’t overpay your Realtor!

Versant Realty does most listings for 4.5% total commission and offers all the services and advice needed to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.  Call Ken today!